GDA landing craft side view

A side view of the landing craft

GDA landing craft missile pod

Missile pod

GDA landing craft gun turret

Heavy energy machine gun

GDA landing craft engines

The landing craft's engines

GDA landing craft back door

The back door

Used to storm the beachheads when AA fire prevents dropships from dropping trooops, which is usually the case. It is armed with a heavy energy machine gun on top of the armored steering cabin, as well as missile pods to the side. These are used to soften up the enemy before the troops land.

The landing craft is boarded through the small door in the back, and exited through the large door in the front. There are no seats, just handles on the top of the troop cabin. This way, the maximum amount of troops can be carried, and they don't have to unbuckle themselves before they charge into combat. It can carry 24 troopers, but it is obviously cramped.

As a safety measure, if the boat is about to sink, a large plate on top of the boat will blow off, giving the troopers an escape route, but this is usually not necessary, due to the heavy armor of the boat, and the fact that troopers with their armor on can survive for hours under shallow water.

When the troops exit the landing craft, smoke canisters are launched in front of them to provide at least some cover from enemy fire.

The boat has small antigrav pads, but they are just enough to keep the heavy armored boat from sinking. The boat is still very much in the water. It is powered by four engines, as seen in the picture.

The landing craft is generally deployed from either a planetary assault ship hovering about five feet above the water, or a GDA ship(water ship, not space ship). In some cases, if the craft is being used somewhere that there is no room for such a large ship to deploy the landing craft, such as a river, then it is simply deployed in the same way, just farther away from the battle. Then it is driven in the water all the way to the troopers who are waiting to board them.

GDA landing craft overview

An oveview of the landing craft