The standard armor that almost every GDA trooper is equipped with. It is almost completely white, with the black body glove underneath the armor show through in places, specifically the joints, such as elbows, the neck, knees, ect. These places are also the most vulnerable. It is completely environmentaly sealed, unless of course the atmosphere of the planet is breatheable, then air is vented into the armor. The armor has an air recycling system, and a trooper can survive for 8 hours on the recycled air; and if it is necessary, a small supercommpressed air tank can be worn on the utility belt. This armor can even let the trooper survive in the vacuum of space.

Equipment: The utility belt includes, but is not limited to, the following items.

First aid kit (biogel soaked bandages, antibiotics, ect)

1 canister of biogel

2 grenades

2 stimpacks


energy gel/vitamin gel (if there is no supply vehichle, this can take the place of rations for a few days.)

1 ration bar

fire starter

smoke grenade

and other things as the situation warrants

To gauruntee the armor fits the person who will be wearning it, when a trooper enlists, their body is scanned, and the armor is made to fit them.

The armor's in-visor heads up display is highly advanced. It has a heat tracker, which serves the purpose of a radar. It tracks the body heat of a life form, or the heat emmited by a droid. Objectives are displayed on the heads up display as well, and even video feeds can be beamed to the heads up display. It is also linked by radio signal with the trooper's weapons to tell how much ammo he has left, ect. Aiming has to be done manually, however. The helmets visor adjusts to the lighting too, so if a flashbang goes off nearby, the visor will darken, allowing the trooper to see anyway. This is also very helpful n low light conditions.