Galactic Defender Biotech Lab




Galactic Defenders


56 researchers


Unarmed reasearch station




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The G.D. Biotech lab was a research facility made for the study of creatures from different planets and habitats, and that reasearch's military or civilian application. In the year 4260 the Berg; an intelligent virus, infested the station. Frost, Thebios, and Adam were sent to recover the valuable information from the main computer. When Adam retrieved the reasearch information from the main data array, Frost, Thebios, and Adam discovered that the computer had gone rougue in the abcesence of an active crew. Adam was trapped in the computer room, while Frost and Thebios were able to escape though a maintenence shaft.

The station went into lockdown mode, causing Frost and Thebios to fight through the station's simulated environments, filled with Berg infected creatures, in order to rescue Adam and get back to their ship in the hangar bays. Eventually, Frost, Thebios, Adam, and a few surviving researchers were able to escape with their lives. The precious information from the main data array was also retrieved.